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Miracle at Quecreek Mine  wins Silver FOR AUDIOBOOK

Miracle at Quecreek Mine took home Silver in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, Chicago, Illinois.

Congratulations to Bill Arnold, author, and Joe Cullen Brown, narrator and engineer, for this prestigious recognition in the non-fiction audiobook category! 


Publisher's notes

I know you all have been deeply affected by current world events. We, like you, are learning how to reinvent, restructure, and sometimes release those things that weigh us down. A good friend told me this morning, "Some of us take advantage of the circumstances, and some let the circumstances take advantage of them." (Thank you, Bill, for this wisdom!) I realize, it's not always that simple; but we do have a choice. I hope that your story, once we are on the other side of this, is one without regret. It's not too late to change course. I encourage you to prioritize your newfound gift of time, if you are so blessed, such that you have something to look back on other than countless hours of news and entertainment. If you are on the front lines in one way or another, thank you. Let me emphasize, I thank God for you and pray for your protection every day. I am so sorry you are unexpectedly called to sacrifice and take unbearable risks. When I find a way to support you more tangibly, more creatively, I will do it. In the meantime, I want to hear your story.

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Our two in-house projects are moving forward with exciting collaborations and lots of amazing song-writing, particularly now that we suddently have more time to work on them. Watch to see Encourage Music and Encourage Books merge together for this incredibly important package we hope to launch by fall 2020. 


Have you listened to our sample of Miracle at Quecreek Mine in audio?  Get ready for goosebumps and throat lumps. Who doesn't need a reminder of just how good and kind God is? Want a book series for your 9-13 year-olds that models wholesome living and teaches valuable lessons, all while keeping them on the edge of their seats? Check out Judy Grimme's series, The Front Porch Diaries (final two volumes out now). This little book is packed with extra features - check it out!  And for those looking for the perfect inspirational gift book for the holidays, Beyond the Window will delight the sisters, friends, moms and daughters in your life. Every beautiful full-color page is filled with joyful insight, inspiring truth, and a bit of whimsy. The new collector's edition of Diving into the Deep? No words. The life of this one obedient servant of God, unbelievable and awe-inspiring on its own, sinks deep into your heart when you see the breathtaking photos that tell the story. 

Leslie Turner, Publisher

Leslie Turner, Publisher

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