In-person lessons RESUME May 11! Students check your email for safety changes before you arrive. Encourage Music now offers ZOOM, FaceTime and Skype lessons on guitar, bass, and keyboard, and online drum lessons by video!  Call Paul to set up your lesson time: 812-989-6604

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Encourage Music


Teaching and coaching

Performance and Consultation

Teaching and coaching

Individuals, groups, bands

Guitar, drums, bass, keys, voice, banjo, percussion

band and worship coaching


Special Projects

Performance and Consultation

Teaching and coaching

Composition, Producing, Project Management


Performance and Consultation

Performance and Consultation

Performance and Consultation

Entertainment for large and small venues, worship leading, church and band consultation, speaking

About Us

our mission

 Encourage Music believes in and uses the power of music to change lives every day.

five ways we do this


Individual lessons in guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, vocals, percussion, banjo. We teach 50-75 students per week. Contact us to learn more. 

Do  you teach any of these same instruments? Visit our projects  link to learn how we can help you. 



We specialize in helping churches and church worship leaders through coaching and interim worship leading.  


Writing and Producing

- We write songs for specific events or circumstances, and may even record and/or perform them for you.  

We can help you bring your project to life in house, or by partnering with premier Louisville studios or with our associates in L.A., Indianapolis, Nashville, and elsewhere.  

Speaking/Performing - We encourage audiences from one to 1000s, and create opportunities for our students to perform. When performance meets ministry, that's magic!  

Special projects - Imagine easily being able to find and listen to a collection of songs that help you through whatever struggle you are in. Visit our projects tab to learn what we're doing to create such spaces.



Private music instruction

Students receive 30 minutes of one-on-one lesson time per week, having fun, learning songs they want to learn. Students typically start playing simple songs immediately after their first lesson. Students play in a unique studio with an adjacent waiting area for family members to listen or relax and enjoy WiFi access.  Students may bring song requests.  Drums, keyboards, percussion, amps and microphones are provided. Guitars and bass are available. Students are expected to play at home and make their lessons a priority. 


Guitar (acoustic and electric), drumset, electric bass, keyboard, banjo, percussion, voice coaching

Family/shared Lessons

Sometimes, at the teacher's discretion, students take a 30- to 60-minute lesson together with a parent, sibling, or friend. This type of lesson can be very bonding for family members and an effective way to learn.  

Summer bandapalooza

Students are matched with other band members and rehearse together for 6 weeks prior to giving a concert for family and friends. Students are immersed in performance technique, leadership, group participation, responsibility, and taking musical risks.

LessonS, fees, and instructor

Lessons are $25 per 30-minute lesson, paid monthly.  We teach 50-60 lessons per week back to back, so students should arrive a few minutes early and prepare.  Arrive early and you may be able to join in for a mini-jam session before your lesson. Reschedules are difficult to accomodate and require 24-hour notice, so please make your lesson slot a priority.

Students and families

Students range from 6 to 86, from no experience to highly skilled.   In addition to our after-school crowd, we have a number of homeschool students, professionals looking for stress relief, and adults satisfying a life-long bucket list. Students with learning challenges, physical or emotional challenges or conditions thrive in this learning environment,  but the studio is not ADA compliant and is down a flight of stairs. Let us know if you need special accomodations.

Parents and students, be clear with your instructor about your primary goals. Everyone wants to learn their instrument, but some may have other hopes. Lessons are customized to the student.

Detail your services

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.




 "A New Routine," just one of the songs in development for this special project, provides a positive melody and encouragement for the listener to find a new routine after losing a loved one. Other songs include "The Winds of Change" and "Push Away the Clouds," among others. With soothing or upbeat melodies and instrumentation, each one is written specifically to encourage the grief-stricken. This project's first set should be ready by July 2020. 

Paulie's playground

 Specifically written for other private music instructors, Paulie's Playground provides curriculum, tips, and songs written to teach specific elements on different instruments, different genres, and for all learning levels. Teachers and students can download the complete song, a version without the instrument track, and chord charts in different keys.  Students can also find engaging videos showing tricks and techniques on our Youtube channel. Local students gain valuable experience from our annual Bandapalooza, a student rock show performed after just 6 weeks of rehearsal. This project's first set should be ready by March 2021.

Love Outside the Lines

 "Love Outside the Lines" is the title song to this diverse and inspiring music project.  Nineteen inspiring faith-based songs are packed into this CD, all written and produced by Paul Turner and performed by over 50 amazing artists, some well-known, others debuting here!  You can order this CD in our shop or through your usual digital music channels, and also find performance tracks and chord charts exclusively in our SHOP.

This project reminds us to celebrate our faith and live it out loud with intention, generosity, grace, and fun!  Using so many different voices, instruments and styles not only brought people together for a common purpose but also made for a musical collection that is very engaging and enjoyable to listen to!

Upcoming Projects

  • MusicWorks - motivational music for the business place.
  • Worship Design for the Small Church
  • True North - Walking Away from the Past and Finding Your True Passion
  • Knock-Knock.  Who's There?  A Door-Knocker's Guide to God's Every-Day Appointments
  • Children's music projects
  • Spanish language music projects 



  Are you looking for something different for your next retreat, workshop, speaking event?  We have an interesting range of topics for youth, couples, women, men, worship teams, and families in the areas of writing and publication, Faith in Action, and Worship. Contact us for more information.

Mission Impossible Writing Workshop

For writers who have a story but don't know where to start.

Tell Your Story Writer's Workshop

Learn tips and tools for getting your story into shape for publishing. Readability, Audience Engagement, Structure, Story Arcs

Love Outside the Lines

  Inspire and motivate your group to overcome their fears and prejudices and find new ways to reach the world around them!   

Share Your Faith Workshop

  Teach your youth or church family how to share their faith in this challenging, interactive workshop for youth or adults.  

Creative Encouragement Workshop

This fun and engaging workshop teaches and inspires creative and fun ways to love people to Christ.   


 Need a unique retreat experience?  Call us for information about retreat options for your church family, women's or men's gatherings.  

Worship Design

 Bring this fast-paced workshop to your community to instruct and engage worship leaders in creative worship design or work directly with your praise team.

Meet Paul Turner

About Paul Turner


Paul Turner has been playing music professionally since 1973. A self-taught musician, Paul’s talent and unique style of teaching has earned him the highest praise from students, parents, music stores, churches, and audiences for decades. He began teaching privately over 20 years ago, and currently teaches music to 50-60 students per week out of his home in New Albany, Indiana. At the most basic level, Paul teaches guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, banjo, and other instruments to students of all skill levels, from ages 6 to 86. Each student, though, gains much more from their weekly lessons with Turner. 

“Some students are here to learn their instrument, and by the end of the first lesson almost everyone goes home able to play at least one song. Others are here for different reasons. Parents and grandparents are looking for help with children struggling with depression, autism, poor self-esteem, undeveloped social skills, or issues with attention. Some adults just need a creative outlet to relieve stress or get themselves out of the house or office. Some students need a fun, positive experience that supports their academic curriculum,” he says.

Turner has learned over the years the extremely important role that song choice plays, not only in lessons, but also in listening. He puts a great amount of effort into engaging students by letting them pick their own songs to learn, but students get a strong dose of advice about what to put into their minds. Paul refuses to teach songs with violent, disrespectful, or unhealthy lyrics. In the mid-90s, Paul founded Heads Up Christian Resource Alliance, which sponsored monthly concerts, songwriting seminars, compilation CDs and competitions, and Music and Video Review, a high energy student workshop that taught students the importance of selective listening and viewing.

During his work with Heads Up Christian Resource Alliance, a non-profit Paul founded to provide needed collaborative resources to small and mid-size churches, Paul first started working on a special project intended to use music to help the grieving process their loss and move forward in their lives at a healthy pace. After over 15 years of research, trial and error, and songwriting, Turner is now working on a music resource project that will use carefully written and selected songs to help listeners who have experienced a loss move through the stages of grief.

In addition to teaching, Paul has served for many years helping a number of churches in the area with short and long-term worship-leading assignments. For the past ten years he has been a permanent member of Louisville’s own Monarchs. He toured nationwide on Ray Boltz’ Seasons Change tour in the 90s, with Dennis Litchfield in the 80s and with Young American Showcase in the 70s. He has used his unique musical talents in prison, hospital, and community ministries. Paul produces his own and others’ music projects and has penned hundreds of songs, including jingles, pop, country, rock, jazz, worship, and teaching songs, and is a noted expert in the genre popularized by the Beatles. Paul and his wife of almost 40 years, Leslie, have three children and three grandchildren.

Paul has a powerful story to tell about the power of music to change lives, a phenomenon he has experienced firsthand on countless occasions. He believes each of us is capable of using music to shape and direct our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health, and knows music has long been proven to aid academics and concentration, and to reach deep into the brain where other stimuli are unable to break through. He enjoys the perfect career, in which he uses music daily to change lives.

To arrange for interviews, speaking engagements, consultations, writing, producing, teaching, or worship leading, contact Paul directly at 812-989-6604 or paul@encouragemusic.com. A press release and related media photos are available.


Meet Leslie Turner


About Leslie Turner

 Leslie Turner is owner of Encourage Publishing, a full service, Christ-centered hybrid small press specializing in projects that encourage, inform, or educate in a positive way. Learn more about Encourage Publishing.

Leslie has served in Christian Music ministry for over thirty years, leading worship, speaking at women's, couples and youth retreats, directing adult and youth choirs, writing and arranging music, writing articles, and is currently working on a series of inspirational short stories and and a collaboration with Paul and other partners on several special projects.  She is an activist and volunteer and has a particular passion for helping women, high school and college students and underserved populations find and pursue their life's mission.  Leslie has  Bachelor's degrees in Music and Spanish, and has completed Master's work through Indiana University in Business Administration and Instructional Design.  When she isn't writing or helping others publish, she's teaching piano, theory, ear-training, composition, or voice-coaching. Whew!

Contact Leslie directly at: 812-987-6148 or leslie@encouragebooks.com

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